Day 1 @ SST

Schedule of Events

10:00Arrive at SSTVisitor center
10:15Presentation by SSTVisitor center
11:20Classroom immersion with buddyClass S201/S204/S207
13:40Break for lunch and restCanteen / LO1
15:00Introduction to Robotics @ ApexRobotics room / LO1
15:30Learning about EV3 with Robotics studentsLO1
16:30Sumo Robotic challengeLO1
17:15Reflection + pack up (SST students and Student visitors)LO1
17:30Leave SST

Sumo Robotics Challenge

In your groups, document your design on the google slides.
Click here to make a copy of the template.
Name your file: 
Day 1: robotics_name1_name2_name3_name4
At the end of each day, post your google slides on the Home page.

22nd July
6 Base Robot was built by SST students for their buddy.
This website provide a brief outline of how base robots can be constructed.
Base Robot

Rules and Regulations of Sumo challenge

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